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Inspiring women to build their fempire one stiletto heel step at a time. 

jay creed, coach, consultant, mompreneurWelcome! Together we will reveal what you really desire, build strength, and eliminate any uncertainty you have, so you can allow yourself to create and accomplish amazing things in your business and life. Learning to use positive energy in your business and personal life. Ridding yourself of the negative energy, can bring about a calmness that you will want to welcome with open arms.

Are you ready to dig deep within to awaken your inner goddess?

When you awaken your inner goddess you open the door to building confidence, self love, spirituality, fulfilling relationships, health/wellness, career, and even wealth.

I am here to inspire you to build your fempire one stiletto heel step at a time. Inspiring you to be your best, confident self. Being the mompreneur you truly are.


Establish goals. Get tips on how to prepare for the potential difficult events that may occur in your life or business.


Learn meditation tips to help ease stress and anxiety. Discover and gain clarity. Release the blocks in your inner and outer world. Breakthrough challenges.


Happy, joyful, taking it one day at a time. Learning to slow down and breathe. Self-discovery.

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30 Days of Social Media Engagement Content

When you are just starting out, social media can be overwhelming, especially when you have no what to share and social media engagement. Your first thought is to promote the hell out of your programs, offerings, courses, etc. Yes, it okay to promote what you have,...

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4 Easy Ways to Market Your Blog

I have been blogging for a few years. When I first started, only a handful of family and friends were reading my blog. I was happy to have the handful of readers, but I wanted to reach more readers. How do you get the new reader to your blog, read it, and keep coming...

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Mompreneur Reading List

As a mompreneur we sometimes start off doing A LOT of the work ourself. You are your own website designer, accountant, social media manager, etc. It sometimes a long way off before the thought of hiring a VA (virtual assistant) comes into play. You know that you can...

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