As a mompreneur you sometimes start off doing A LOT of the work yourself. You are your own website designer, accountant, social media manager, etc. It sometimes a long way off before the thought of hiring a VA (virtual assistant) comes into play. You know that you can figure out anything that is thrown your way when it comes to your business. One way, I learn from other women in business, is reading.

Mompreneur Reading List | I sharing a list of books to add to your summer reading list. Some I’ve read, some I've read twice, some are on my list to read.

You can learn about other women in business, their trials, and errors, and also learn things to help make running your business a little easier. I’ve compiled a mompreneur reading list for you to add to your reading list. Some I’ve read, some I’ve read twice, and a few are on my list to read. FYI, some of the links may be affiliate or referral links (the links are pink), which means I will receive a small commission (money for a cup of coffee from a popular coffee shop) if you make a purchase. 

Let’s jump right on it to the Mompreneur Reading List.

Have a favorite book?
Share it below in the comments.

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