Here are some of my favorite business tools. These are my go-to tools for running my business with ease.

Some of the links may be affiliate or referral links (the links are pink), which means I will receive a small commission (money for a cup of coffee from a popular coffee shop) if you make a purchase.

Email Marketing

I use it and it’s what I recommend to my clients.


You can have your clients schedule appointment directly with you through this easy to use system. You can try out Acuity Scheduling for FREE. 

Domain, Email, Web Hosting, Managed WordPress

This is my #1, my go to, for hosting, domains, and business emails.

Marketing Material

Want to create mugs or teeshirts with your branding? This is a good starting off point. Wants good is you can order one item or ten items. It’s up to you.


In need of an online store. This is the place to be. It’s user friendly and set up is easy.

Web Hosting

One of the popular web hosting providers.

Professional Training Certification

There are a ton of certifications available. Wellness, Holistic Life Coach, Life Strategies, and Stress Management to name a few.