I’m excited to finally share about my upcoming launch for my new online group program Building Confidence: Awaken Your Inner Goddess. I have been working on this program for sometime and look forward to launching it officially in the next couple of months.

As a stay-at-home mom and work-from-home mom with anxiety, some days start filled with overwhelm. I may have went to sleep overthinking about business, school assignments for the little one, or something that may have happen during the day. All this, can cause me (and maybe you, too) to wake up and start the day with overwhelm.

But I have been working on getting rid of some, if not all, the overthinking and overwhelm with the help of meditation. I start each day with meditation and workout at minimum three times a week. I also put positive intentions into the universe. Negativity will not bring about abundance of home or work life.

Want to know something else, when we tend to overthink, our confidence can slowly shrink and our inner goddess goes into hibernation. None of this is good for our mind, body, or soul. This is why building confidence and knowing how to tap into the confidence so that our inner goddess is always awake and shining bright.

As I work on putting the finishing touch on this online group program for women, I’ll be posting sneak peeks on my social media. If you don’t already follow me, here are the links:

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