Building Confidence

Are ready to awaken your inner goddess and start to build confidence?

Yes you are!

Has stress, overwhelm, anxiety, or other blocks sent your
Inner Goddess into hibernation?


Jay Creed Coaching Hi! I’m Jay!

As a stress management and lifestyle coach, I help women learn to calm their inner chaos and awaken their inner goddess. If you are ready to put in the work to building confidence, please keep reading.

Sometimes, daily things can send our inner goddess into a deep sleep. It can cause us to lose our voice and our power.  Yes, I said OUR. Because my inner goddess  sometimes like to take a long nap. For me, it’s my anxiety! My anxiety brings about overwhelm and overthinking, which in turn leads to stress and even panic. All of that makes my inner goddess hide away.

Building Confidence

Start living and thriving in both your personal and professional life. Ask yourself…

Are you:

Ready to move into new adventures and opportunities with confidence?

Ready to rid yourself of the blocks that have sent your inner goddess into hiding?

Ready to step into being the true, powerful, unique you?
When you awaken your inner goddess, you will open the receiving channels for abundance opportunities, and success.

Building Confidence

What are you waiting for? Today is the day to start building confidence and awaken your inner goddess?

You can get this 4-week program for $98 until April 14th.


  • Weekly email
  • Workbooks/Guides
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Guided Meditations

It’s time to build your confidence and awaken your inner goddess. In this 4-week program you will work on building confidence and releasing your inner goddess into the universe.


Week 1

Discover your blocks.

Awaken Your Inner Goddess Guide.

Week 2


You will have a 45 minute coaching call with me to discuss your game plan for working through your blocks from Week 1.


Week 3

How to kick the self-doubt out the window.

Week 4

Manifest abundance

Express gratitude



Goddess Oracle Card Reading

Access to Mindful Monday Group
Email every Monday with mindfulness practices & access to the Mindful Monday FB private group.



Is this Program completely online?
The Building Confidence Program is an online journey that was designed to have a global reach and bring goddesses together from across the world.
What's the Facebook group about? How does that work?

The Facebook group is where you can get additional support. You will be able to ask me questions.

You are able to engage with and support the other women in the group.

When can I start?
Building Confidence officially starts Monday, May 1st and runs for 4 weeks.
What will I accomplish in 4 weeks?

That’s up to you. You have to show up and put in the work. If you do that, my guess is that it will be a lot.

You get out what you put in. If you actively participate, meaning working through the worksheets, watching the videos, and asking questions you you can accomplish what you have set your mind to.

Your Investment

Building Confidence: Awaken Your Inner Goddess is $197.

You can get this 4-week program for $98 until August 1st.

Are you ready to build confidence and awaken your inner goddess? Sign up below.

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