Anxiety shows up uninvited. Anxiety will show up in and it doesn’t matter if you work a 9-5 or work from home, anxiety will come in like a boss. Questions will surround you “Will I book any clients this week?”, “Will I make enough money?”, or “Will anyone join my group program?”. I’ve been there! I know the feeling.

There have been many times when anxiety has run my business. When deadlines are nearing and everything needs to be tested, tested, and ready to launch – my anxiety can bring about doubt and panic. I will doubt if I did something correctly. Or I will go into a panic when testing an opt-in or making sure a program I am offering will go off without a hitch.

How do I take back control of my business and not let anxiety become the boss of my business?

Mindset! Yes, mindset. I have to start my day with the correct mindset, that I am in charge. That I will work through any issues that may arise in my business.

Here are a few tips to help prevent anxiety from running your business.


Mindfulness, meditation, relaxation technique oh my! Deep breathing can help when your brain is in overdrive with “what ifs”.

Everything does not have to be perfect

This is one of those times that anxiety will come running to be the boss. Simply remember that everything does not have to be perfect. That you can not control everything. Software, outside services, employees, contracts, VA’s, etc all play a part in your business. If your VA emails with an emergency will be out for most of the day. It’s ok. Take is as a day to work on copy for a new program or something else that your VA would not normally handle.

Create more time

Yes, you read it correctly. Create more time! You can create more time, by looking at things in a different (positive) way. Don’t look at the negative, turn it around and make it a positive. In doing that you have create more time. If a client cancels an appointment, guess what time created. You can work on something you may have been putting off. Or you may be able to get more accomplished on your to-do list. You can use that time to even go run to the supermarket, instead of waiting until later in the evening.


Overall it comes down to mindfulness. Being present in your business not just physically, but mentally. Show up, do the work, and see the universe work with you. Put those positive vibes into the universe. If you are remember to relax and not that not everything will always turn out perfect. When life gives you lemons, create more time.

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