No matter what you are selling, giving away for free, you must understand your ideal client. Who are you selling to? Who are you trying to help? Why should they buy your product? How will you solve the problem?

Today, I want to share a couple of ways to define your ideal client. 

Understanding the problem that you solve. What problem can you solve for your ideal client? It can be business coaching, managing a clients online business, social media manage, and the list goes on and on.

The basics. Who is your ideal client women, men, or both. Is there a certain age range you want to target? Does their interest play a factor?

How will the client benefit from your service and/or product?

If you are marketing to people who are not your target audience you risk, not getting a prospective client or even the sell. As they will just window shopping and not buying. Targeting to your audience, knowing what their wants, needs, interest are can be beneficial to you in the long run.

Share in the comments, your tips for identifying your target audience. 

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