When you are just starting out, social media can be overwhelming, especially when you have no what to share and social media engagement. Your first thought is to promote the hell out of your programs, offerings, courses, etc. Yes, it okay to promote what you have, share your blog post, but keep in mind that you don’t want your social media account to be just you talking about you. Social media is for interacting.

In between promoting your courses, and blog posts you want to give your followers something that will get them sharing, commenting, and liking the post that you share. I’ve created a 30 days of social media engagement content. This is 30 days of posts ready for you to copy and paste to your social media. Post every day, every week, or whatever works for you.

Ideas of what you can post through the month

Question of the Day

Ask your followers a question. Ask questions that relate to how you can help your followers. If your niche is fitness, ask questions like “Do you work out 7 days a week?” or “Do you prefer to work out at a gym or at home?” This way you are reaching out to your audience asking them to share their opinions. And the bonus, it gives you insight into your audience. You can use this to create programs, create blog posts with tips, etc.

Branded Graphics

If you create a graphic, make sure to always leave your watermark on it. If your graphic is shared, the branding will help point people back to your social media/website.


One of my favorite things to share. You can add saying from your blog posts or share other people quotes. What’s good, is you can reuse these throughout the year.

Your Blog Posts

Share your new blog post the day you publish them. Don’t forget to share the old posts too, making them still get life even after them have been posted.


Show you followers a glimpse of what goes on behind-the-scenes.

Call to Action

Include a call to action so that you followers know what to do with your post. If you’re growing your email list, sharing a blog post, etc. tell you followers to take action.

Other’s people content

Share other people blog post, quotes, or graphics from time-to-time. This balances out not just posting all about yourself.

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